Making Seashell Tealights

I thought that today I would post a few photos showing the different stages of making my seashell tealights. I’m quite a nosy person, so I love to see how people make things, and hopefully you do too!

These tealights are one of the products I’ve been stocking up on again during the past week or so as I sold out completely at the Gower Show on 3rd August. They can be a bit fiddly to get right — the wicks have a habit of falling over while the glue is setting, unless I prop them up juuuust right — but I hope you’ll agree that it’s worth the trouble in the long run!

2014-08-07 11.46.07

The clean shells

2014-08-08 11.25.18

The shells with their wicks

2014-08-08 12.55.51

The finished tealights

2014-08-11 15.47.01

The end product!



New Candles

When I sat down to write this post, I had no idea that it’s been almost exactly a month since I blogged last. Consequently I have quite a lot to share, so I’ll do my best to keep it brief! With that in mind, I’ve decided just to do a picture round up of some of the candles I’ve been working on over the last few weeks.

A pillar candle scented with fresh linen. I also made a pink one scented with cherry blossom and a pale purple one scented with lavender.


Cappuccino candles.

A new batch of candles scented with citronella essential oil.

A couple more citronella candles.


Cupcake Candles

I mentioned in my last post that I had been experimenting with some scented cupcake candles. As it’s taken me a couple of weeks to get around to writing this post, I’ve sold out of the first lot I made and I’m now in the middle of making my second batch!

They drew a lot of attention from people browsing the craft fair, and there were definitely a few disappointed kids who saw cupcakes from a distance and then realised they weren’t edible!

Here’s a couple of pictures from that first batch:

2014-06-07 10.51.45

Cherry bakewell on the left, chocolate on the right.

2014-06-07 10.52.40

My cupcake stand full of “cupcakes”!

As I said, I’m currently working on my second batch of cupcake candles. This will include more cherry bakewell and chocolate cupcakes, with the addition of some lemon meringue. I’m also working on on some ice cream sundae style candles — more on them when they’re finished!


Beeswax Hearts and Cupcake Candles

A couple of weeks ago I made a few rolled beeswax tealights in the shape of hearts as an experiment. I had a couple of craft fairs coming up and I wanted to see how popular they would be amongst my customers. Well, the experiment was a success, and there were lots of sales and compliments. Since I have a craft fair tomorrow at Neath Community Centre and one the following Saturday as well, I thought I’d make some more so I have lots in stock. They’re only £1 each after all!

Here are some photos:

Some mixed colour hearts -- red, pale purple, pink and ivory

Some mixed colour hearts — red, pale purple, pink and ivory

Some mixed colour hearts -- pale purple, pink and ivory

More mixed colour hearts — pale purple, pink and ivory

Close up of some single colour hearts -- red, pink & pale purple

Close up of some single colour hearts — red, pink & pale purple

Something else I have been working on is a range of cupcake candles. It’s been tricky to get the formula just right, and the perfect consistency for the icing on the top but I think it’s about right now! I’m very excited to see what the verdict is tomorrow amongst the craft fair shoppers. With a choice of chocolate cake and cherry bakewell — both of which smell like they could actually be edible! — and lemon meringue still to make, I’m hoping there’s something for everyone. When they’re ready, I’ll upload some photos, so watch this space.

Have a great weekend everyone! :-)


We’re Now On Facebook!

I know, it has certainly taken me long enough, but Pink Peppermint Crafts now has its very own Facebook page. Since I’m a bit of a perfectionist, I wanted to make sure it was as ready as I could make it before it went live to the world, but I’m finally happy!

Why not pop over to the Pink Peppermint Crafts Facebook page now and give us a like? I’m working on a new product at the moment, so look out for more information both here on the blog and on Facebook…


Citronella Candles, Craft Fairs, Looking Ahead & Facebook

Since it’s the end of May and not totally freezing (even though it has rained a lot) I decided it was time to make some citronella scented candles. If you don’t know what citronella is, it’s an essential oil extracted from certain types of lemongrass plants, and is used as an insect repellent to keep mosquitoes etc away. Citronella is great in outdoor candles (particularly as it can be quite strong) for when you’re enjoying a summer barbecue or just sitting out in the garden with a book and a Bulmers Bold Black Cherry cider (or maybe that’s just me…). Fingers crossed we have the weather to use them!

I don't think it's clear in this photo, but these candles are pale yellow in colour.

I don’t think it’s clear in this photo, but these candles are pale yellow in colour.

I will be taking these and my other candles along to my next craft fair, which is Saturday 31st May at St Mary’s church in Swansea (near the Quadrant). I have craft fairs coming up on the next few Saturdays, so take a look at my craft fairs page for more details.

Speaking of craft fairs, I’ve also been trying to get super organised, so I’ve been finding out information and making bookings for the rest of the year. I know, I know, it seems way too early to be thinking about Christmas, especially since we’re not even half way through the year yet… But having said that, I’ve spoken to people at craft fairs I’ve attended recently and they mentioned that a few Christmas fairs were already booked up, or getting close to fully booked. The bookings are the easy part — I’m now wondering when I need to start making my Christmas stock to give myself enough time to get it all done!

Finally, I’m in the process of getting the Pink Peppermint Crafts Facebook page up and running. More on that when it’s finished!

Well there we are, that’s all my news for now. I’ll be back on the blog soon, but feel free to leave a comment here or send me an email if you want to get in touch.